MuseBirds; is more than solving a problem; is a new era design for the travel industry and traveler. it is the personalization of the traveler's quest for “experience” on a global scale.

We design products, ux, services, business models, platforms and more for the traveler and travel industry that focus on customer contentment.

This product brings a real solution to a real problem, making the passenger feel good right before and during their journey.

TicketBirds, Improves passenger rights and transport service rules in favor of the customer and provides compensation services to traveler in the event of ordinary mishaps.

Contentment right is an original conceptualization.
It is a distruptive, revolutionary definition.

In a way, it means to be content and to be comfortable and etc, while in other respects, it expresses the meaning of right, law, justice and solidarity in everyday life.

Contentment design is converting all the outputs of the ux design in to a contentment consept.

Contentment is the concrete response of abstract searches related to experience. Because contentment is a right and this real experience starts with this definition.