Yalnız Değilsin

Yalnız Değilsin is a Psychological Support Platform that provides free online therapy services.

The Individuals who already struggles with the difficulties in life became more complex during pandemic days and also a large number of individuals who have not suffered psychologically until now, started to show symptoms compatible with anxiety disorder and depression.

We know that the best cure for fear,anxiety and the isolation of the individuals is hope, love and solidarity.

Yalnız Değilsin was founded during 2020’s Pandemic Days for contributing to reduce the impact of social trauma on individuals with the participation of voluntary Therapists who believe in collectivity and solidarity.

*You are not alone.

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Contentment is a Right

“Contentment is a Right”; aims to be taken into consideration of "contentment” in all product and service areas, laws, public institutions, companies, citizens, users, customers regardless of whether it is commercial or public,

Expanding the limits of the written rights which are usually not known, although it is defined as a right in general and specific practices such as constitutions, laws, patient rights, customer rights, user and passenger rights; to make “contentment” a human right.

“Contentment Right” is the usual equivalent of justice, equality, freedom and solidarity in our everyday language and our lives.

“Contentment Right” is a contribution to one's well-being.

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Design in Istanbul

Design in Istanbul; is the quest to add more respect, elegance, finesse and goodness to our lives;

Opening new areas for art, art and design with the possibilities of producing value for people, society, nature, city and life;

Living in harmony with differences, to make solidarity, freedom and creativity dominate;

finding a solution to the problem of future as a collective of craft, art and design with fields of variable, layered, uncertain, transitive, limited or intertwined relationships;

historical tension between the possibilities of collectivity in craftsmanship, beauty / aesthetics-functionalism and production processes in art, craft and design, creating peace from struggle and conflict;

For the solutions related to the art, design, industries, collectivity and humanity's important problems in the world; Mobilizing people to create value for nature and society and integrating craft, art and design into every layer of our life.

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