Don't let delays ruin your trip

UrbanBirds is an innovative instant compensation product for flight delays.

When you add UrbanBirds to your Flight Ticket you will recieve an instant voucher for Uber in case of specified delay.

With no claim, no paper work, no boring phone calls and no exclusion.

Urbanbirds also provides, recommendations for your destinantion and passenger/flight rights service in case of flight delays over 3 hours or cancelled of flights.

Now just relax and sit back! We will be tracking your flight in real time and inform you about your flight after landing.

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With an additional small fee to flight ticket, ticketbirds comforts the passenger before, during and after the flight against the possible mishaps that may occur.

What does Ticketbirds cover?

You might miss your flight!

Things may not go as planned; You might get sick, or have an accident on the way to airport or there may be a disruption on public transport.

Flight Delays!

There might be traffic in the air, and a long queue on the runway.
It starts snowing or raining suddenly…

Lost Luggage!

Aside from a delay on your baggage, it might not be found at all. While tens of thousands of baggages are carried from one location to another without any problem every day, that million-to-one chance might happen to you.

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It is a flight notification service for travelers and their loved ones. Birdwatcher keep travelers updated about the details of their flight and also informs their friends & family and airport pickupers. Still in progress will be avaliable soon.


A new way of luggage tracking and compensation of lost luggage. Will be avaliable soon.